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If you have recently had a sewage backup, one that caused water from your toilet to flow onto your floor, it may have gotten onto your carpet as well. When this occurs, you may find that, in a short period of time, that bacteria will begin to develop in your carpet fibers. This is something that can cause problems such as bacterial and virus development, that once it becomes airborne, can cause people to get sick. In order to remedy this problem, you’re going to have to clean your carpets either using a steam cleaner, or hire a professional to do this for you.

How To Eliminate Bacteria In Your Carpet

Unlike a hardwood floor, or linoleum, or you can simply use bleach to clean up from a sewage spill, if you have this in your carpet fibers, steam cleaning is definitely your first option. If it was an extensive spill, one that caused problems throughout several feet of your carpet, a professional may be necessary. These individuals will be able to use their professional grade equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure that the bacteria is successfully removed.

Finding The Most Cost Effective Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners that professionals use cost thousands of dollars, perhaps more, and are designed to handle the removal of feces, bacteria, and any type of virus that could be lingering in your carpet. If it is not removed soon, it could become airborne as a result of your HVAC system, or simply walking through the house, leading to the possibility of people breathing it, leading to the development of illnesses. By contacting a professional and affordable carpet cleaning professional, you will be able to eliminate this possibility from happening within your home, allowing you to keep everyone in your home safe.
Whenever you start to notice certain members of your family having breathing problems, or if they are beginning to sneeze much more than usual, it is possible that your carpet could have a significant amount of allergens that are causing people to have these physical problems. Keeping your carpet vacuumed regularly is one way to stop the buildup, but this will not eliminate the problem. You will have to use a carpet cleaner, such as a steam cleaner, or hiring a professional, to eliminate all of the allergens on a regular basis.

Different Types Of Allergens In Your Carpet

There are many different types of allergens that can show up in your carpet. Many of them are related to the time of season. For instance, if you live in an area where there are a significant amount of flowers or pine trees, during the spring months, you will track them in on a regular basis. Other allergens can develop in carpet fibers such as mold which will release spores that people will breathe in that can cause breathing issues or even sickness. To eliminate the dust, spores, and pollen that can get into your carpet, you need to use a carpet cleaning machine.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

If you would prefer doing this on your own, you can go to your local store, and purchase a carpet cleaner to do this by yourself. You can also rent one at the local grocery store, or if you think the problem is really bad, you might want to consider hiring a professional. If you are able to afford a professional carpet cleaner, they will do the best possible job using the latest equipment and chemicals to get the allergens out. By doing this every six months, you can make sure that your family is safe from any diseases or conditions that can be caused by allergens in your carpet.


For reasons of their very own, a number of people elect to get professional carpet cleaning Why would anyone do that? Usually, their reasons behind going that route are extensive and variable. There are going to be as numerous reasons as people.

Just a few really get serious about it, jump into it and take action. Some cannot find a way to make up their minds and take the plunge. A multitude of folks don’t want to consider it until they see someone else make an effort to, and succeed.

Have you considered it? Do you still have questions about whether to get professional carpet cleaning or not? To help you put things in focus, consider these four points in favor:

First, when you let professionals do it all, then all the work is their responsibility. Yes, I am aware of your point about it is tempting to do it yourself. It is just vacuuming kicked up a notch. That may be a good point, and more than likely true. Even so you don’t want to miss a spot or that guarantee of satisfaction that doesn’t come with your own work.

Second, you don’t have to buy any special equipment which would involve a lot of careful decision making and a great monetary investment. Additionally, you would to find somewhere to put it and even if you did, that is space you could be using for anything else. Plus, how often would you really use it?  Go professional and you don’t have to make this decision.

Third, you don’t have to buy when you go with a professional.  Not buying alone you can always rent and then doing it yourself. Which means that you would still have to transport the lofty equipment around and have it back before you are scheduled to. Once again, you would have to decide on exactly which company to go to and you still have to do the work yourself!

Fourth, after all is chosen four doing it yourself, you still have to pick out the proper cleaning products for doing it yourself and you may not like them or they add to cost.  Let a professional do and it will be one last headache.

Those four good reasons produce a strong case in favor, don’t they? And in view of that, perhaps one should at least consider thinking of how one can get professional carpet cleaning, correct?

Just contemplate the implications of all that. Turn it in your mind. Possibly if all those things related to others, at the least a bit of it might pertain to you. Maybe you should get professional carpet cleaning as well.


Even if your carpet looks clean, it probably isn’t. Carpeting that hasn’t been professionally cleaned is full of bacteria, allergens, and all kinds of germs. Those substances go straight from your carpet into the air you breathe. It’s extremely unhealthy.

While you can’t get rid of all these substances on your own, a professional cleaner knows how to get these things out of your carpet. Vacuuming will keep your carpet’s service clean, but a professional cleaner will give your carpet a true deep cleaning. They can make your carpet feel like new again.

The longer you go without a good carpet cleaning, the worse the quality of the air in your home will get. Professional cleaners have access to equipment that regular people don’t. They also know methods of cleaning that are particularly effective. They’ll make sure that your carpet is truly as clean as it needs to be.

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having clean air in your home. Air that’s poor quality can cause a number of health problems. If a family member has allergies, poor quality air will make them worse. Poor quality air will also make people more likely to pick up illnesses.

Ideally, you should have your carpet cleaned at least once a year. That way, you’ll never have a strong build-up of allergens and bacteria. Your carpet won’t become a breeding ground for germs, and the air in your home will remain clean.

If you want you and your family to breathe clean air, you need to make sure that you have clean carpets. The cleaner your carpets are, the healthier you’ll be, and the higher quality air you’ll have. Clean carpets should be an essential part of any happy and healthy household.


There are a number of reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned by a professional. Although vacuuming them regularly is a good idea, it doesn’t pick up everything deep in the carpet fibers. This article describes why you should have your carpets cleaned, and how often.

Although your carpets may look nice after you vacuum them, there are still elements, such as dust, mold spores, and other types of harmful bacteria that get pushed deep into the carpet when it’s walked on. The longer a carpet sits uncleansed, more potentially harmful elements circulate in the air of your home.

Even when you clean up pet or food accidents, particles of it are still in the carpet, which dust mites and other bacteria use as food. Dust and mold spores in the air can cause allergies, as well as other types of long-term breathing problems, if it isn’t addressed. Bacteria, such as salmonella and e-coli, can potentially grow deep in the carpet as well, causing serious illness.

A professional carpet cleaning service will get rid of all these problems in your home. They have all the necessary expertise, cleaning solutions, and equipment to treat your particular type of carpet. There are probably several carpet cleaning services, operating in your area that you can call to receive the best estimate.

How often you have your carpet cleaned depends on the amount of traffic it receives on a daily basis. Professionals state that high traffic areas should be cleaned every six months. A lower traffic area may not need to be cleaned for as long as two years.

Carpets pick up a lot of small debris over time, and even a thorough vacuuming can’t pick up everything. The longer small elements are allowed to thrive in the carpet, the more the air quality in the home suffers. If you have carpets in your house, consider hiring a professional to clean them today.


Cleaning Your Carpets Helps To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

Walking barefoot across your carpeted floors can be such a great and comfortable feeling that just can’t be duplicated with hardwood floors. The downside to carpet however is that it can also trap within its fibers all types of foreign matter that can affect the air quality in your home. This is especially true with those that are more sensitive to allergens and other germs which can drive an individual with allergies absolutely insane trying to just breathe normally.

In addition to vacuuming at least once a day, you need to get on a regular schedule with a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets. Let’s first address how important it is to vacuum your carpets with a vacuum cleaner that has a power motor to literally suck those loose matters from your carpet. In addition to having a powerful motor you need to make sure the vacuum has a HEPA filter so that once you have vacuumed those materials up they are not released right back into the air you are trying so hard to clean. The last factor is to insure you change or empty the canister or bag regularly so that you don’t hinder the vacuum from doing its job.

The key to a professional carpet cleaning machine is twofold. First, you need a machine that offers heated water, sometimes referred to as steam. The truth is that the water should be as close to two hundred and twelve degrees as possible but no more. This heated water can by itself kill many bacteria and germs without adding any chemicals at all; however, for those very sensitive individuals you can also add chemicals that will disinfect (germ killing ingredient) the carpets. Then the commercial carpet cleaning machine should have a very powerful extraction process that removes not only the water, but also all those bacteria and germs from your carpet.

Another process that can be added prior to actually cleaning the carpets is a pre-spray disinfecting chemical. The professional carpet cleaning company knows that dwell time (time that the chemical has to dwell to kill the bacteria and germs) is the most important aspect of a disinfectant. Remember this is done just prior to cleaning the carpets. So ask your professional cleaning company about this added benefit. Altogether this should help to truly improve the air quality in your home, but it must be performed on a regular basis.


Here are some reasons why using a professional carpet cleaner like Carpet MD in Tigard will help keep your carpet beautiful to look at and healthy to be around.

Your Family’s Health- Children like to play on carpet, however, carpet can hold not only dirt, dandruff, and hair, but it can also hold bio-pollutants. Removing all of these by having your carpet cleaned will help keep you and your family healthy, including your pets. Yes, you can vacuum everyday to get rid of what is resting on top of your carpet, but to really get deep into the carpet fibers you will need to use a professional service. Professional cleaners will have the right equipment to get your carpet truly clean.

Longer Life for your carpet- Having your carpet routinely cleaned will help increase the life of your carpet for years to come. Since having new carpet put in your house is a large investment, you will want to extend the life of your carpet for as long as you can. With proper care and cleaning, you may not ever have to replace your carpet and that will save you thousands of dollars in the years to come. That is money you can save for other things.

Carpet Appearance- If you don’t take care of your carpet it tends to soak up dirt and other pollutants, which will cause fading, and smells on your carpet. Having your carpet professionally cleaned will ensure that your carpet stays new and keeps it pleasing to the eye. Your friends and family will be amazed at how gorgeous your carpet looks. When you take care of your carpet you will reap the benefits of it. If you ever go to sale your house you would be secure in knowing that you carpet will actually attract more buyers!


There are many benefits to using a professional carpet cleaning service like Carpet MD in McMinnville Oregon to treat your carpets in your home. You may not even be aware that the padding could be full of contaminants like mold and bacteria. These grow because of the warm and dark nature of the carpeting and if left untreated can really be harmful to family members. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will ensure that the things hiding deep down in your carpeting are removed safely and efficiently.

When you steam clean your carpeting yourself with a store rented machine you may not be aware that you are leaving a large amount of the water and cleaning solution deep down in the carpeting. Unless you are using industrial strength vacuums like the professionals you have no way of removing all that left over water from the fibers and padding. When the water is allowed to sit there over time it attracts bacteria and black mold. Mold is especially dangerous to family members who have allergies or sensitive skin. A professional carpet cleaning company have the expertise and the tools that will remove all the contaminants, the water left behind, as well as any cleaning solution.

When the cleaning solution that many homeowners use on their carpeting is allowed to remain in the fibers after they attempt to vacuum it away, it can cause damage to the structure of the fibers. The solution acts like small pieces of sandpaper that slowly wear away at the carpet fibers until the area looks worn and faded. This means you will be replacing your carpeting much sooner than you had anticipated. Contact a local professional carpet cleaning company so they can clean your carpeting the right way the first time and make sure your home looks and smells fresh when they are completed with the job.